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wrapperDSPAIAL  ISSN: 2583-5009                     
Published issues   
2023 Vol. 2 No 1  (March 2023)
Comparative of algorithms for Solving the Capacity Vehicle Routing Problem
Jesus C. Carmona-Frausto; Adriana Mexicano-Santoyo; Salvador Cervantes-Alvarez; Pascual N. Montes-Dorantes; Francisco Arg¨uelles-Granados
Page: 1-9
Signal Processing Models with High-sensitivity Hall Plates
Tihomir Takov, Ivelina Cholakova and Yavor Georgiev
Page: 11-20
Reliability of the Linear Characteristics while Measuring Magnetic Fields
Nikola Draganov
Page: 21-26
2022 Vol. 1 No 4  (December 2022)
Framing Simulink Block Diagrams Using Bond Graphs
Bojana M. Zlatkovic and Biljana Samardzic
Page: 129-135
Moving Manipulator Unit for Welding Robots
Svetlana Gerganova-Savova
Page: 136-141
Single Mode Optical Fibre Pattern for Signal Processing
Kalin Dimitrov and Lidia Jordanova
Page: 142-145
Adaptive Differential Evolution with Optional External Archive
Adriana Mexicano, Jesus C. Carmona, Nelva N. Almaza, Lilia Garcia, Francisco Arguelles
Page: 146-155
2022 Vol. 1 No 3  (September 2022)
Current Instrument Transformers In MATLAB Program Modeling
Krum Gerasimov, Mediha Hamza, Margreta Vasileva, and Anton Filipov
Page: 103-108
Solar Energy Models for Creating Energy Conversion Designs
Ivan Milenov and Vasil Dimitrov
Page: 109-114
Approximate Non-linear Models for Autotransformers and Switching
Emil Panov, Emil Barudov and Stefan Barudov
Page: 115-123
2022 Vol. 1 No 2  (June 2022)
Security Processes as Machines: A Case Study
Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Manal Alsharah
Page: 49-61
Empirical Analysis on the Efficiency of Clustering Algorithms Based on the Significance of Cluster Size
Sunitha Cheriyan, Shaniba Ibrahim, Susan Treesa
Page: 62-72
Wavelength Assignment for Conducting Exchanged Folded Hypercube Communication Pattern on Optical Bus
Yu-Liang Liu
Page: 73-83
A Security And Performance Review of IoT Encryption Algorithms
Hesham Hasan, Ghassan Ali, Wael Elmedany, Chitra Balakrishna
Page: 84-92
An Image Recognition-Based System for Correcting Body Posture
Hung-Yuan Chung, Yao-Liang Chung, Chih-Yen Liang
Page: 93-99
2022 Vol. 1 No 1 
A Parallel Version of the JADE Algorithm using GPUS
Adriana Mexicano, Jesus C. Carmona, Nelva N. Almaza, Lilia Garcia, Francisco Argüelles
Page: 1-10
A Novel Design of a Compact Two Element MIMO Antenna for 5G Network with Reduced Mutual Coupling
Mohsin Beniysa, Aziz Dkiouak, Aziz El Janati El Idrissi, Alia Zakriti, Mohsinne El Ouahabi
Page: 11-16
Reliability Ratio Weighted Bit Flipping– Sum Product Algorithm for Regular LDPC Codes
Chakir Aqil, Abdelaziz Ahaitouf, Ismailc Akharraz
Page: 17-25
A Survey on Deep Learning Models Based Road Object Detection Inference
Omar BOUAZIZI ENSA, Abdelmalek Essaadi, Aimad EL MOURABIT ENSA
Page: 26-30
A Novel Defect Classification Scheme based on Convolutional Autoencoder Skip Connection in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Jaegyeong Cha, Jongpil Jeong
Page: 31-38